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Hanwell Methodist Church
Composed and designed by Ray Garnett

Hire of Accommodation

Hanwell Methodist Church is happy to hire its halls
and rooms, but please note that
it does not accept
bookings for parties of any kind, and it does not allow
alcoholic drinks, opened or unopened, anywhere on
its premises, including the car park, field and outdoor
access pathways.

The Church's rooms vary in size, and range from the
large Main Hall to the Meeting Room. All, except for
the Main Hall, are newly decorated and have wooden
or carpeted floors. Our toilets (Ladies, Gents and Accessible) have been completely refurbished recently, and the entire premises are cleaned twice a day and are well-maintained. Broadband wifi, with a safeguarding lock, is available throughout the premises. The system name (SSID) and password are given to all hirers when a booking is confirmed.

The following is a brief description of each room/hall:


Clicking on the Room Plans link button will download you a file in pdf format. You can read it and print it with Adobe Reader which is free from Adobe.com.  If you intend to use the drawings to plan the layout of an event you are advised to check their accuracy by viewing the rooms yourself.

Click on the button below if you need to download Adobe Reader in order to read pdf files.

Centenary Room

Epworth Room

Foundery Hall (looking south)

Wesley Room looking north

Main Hall (looking south)

Foundery Hall (looking north)

Main kitchen adjoining Main Hall

Centenary Room:
small kitchen and toilet

Wesley Room looking south

Meeting Room

Hanwell Methodist Church

Main Hall (looking north)

THE FIELD  (£20 per hour)

The Field is at the rear of the premises, and comprises a large area of mown grass surrounded by bushes and trees.

Our Bookings Secretary, Barbara Williams, will be pleased to give more information about any of the above rooms and their current availability. You can contact her on rb.williams06@gmail.com.

A discount of 20% is given when one of the rooms is booked for more than 15 hours per week, or when the entire premises are booked at the same time. A scaled plan of each room can be found by simply clicking the button below.

THE MAIN HALL  (£22 per hour)

The Main Hall has a stage with front and new backdrop curtains, a piano, and a serving hatch which opens into the main kitchen.

THE MAIN KITCHEN  (£20 per hour)

Use of this kitchen (for making hot drinks or snacks, for example) is free of charge when a room at Hanwell Methodist is booked.  However, if the cooker is used, there is a charge of £20 per hour.  The kitchen must be left clean and tidy after use.

THE FOUNDERY HALL  (£22 per hour) Formerly the Memorial Hall.

A bright hall at the rear of the premises, slightly smaller than the Main Hall with no stage. New double fire doors have been fitted, providing both good ventilation and an extra entrance/exit.

THE WESLEY ROOM  (£15 per hour) Formerly the Middle Hall.

Approximately 7 metres by 5 metres

THE EPWORTH ROOM  (£15 per hour) Formerly The Parlour.

Approximately 5 metres by 6 metres.

THE MEETING ROOM  (£12 per hour)

Our newest room, completely refurbished, with a number of power points.
Approximately 5 metres by 6 metres

THE CENTENARY ROOM  (£20 per hour)

The Centenary Room is the vestibule of the Church, but is a room in its own right, with a small kitchen, an accessible toilet and changing room, and a small side room.  It is carpeted, and the doors lead directly on to the car park. The hirer operates the electric heaters as there is no central heating in this room.

Some of the groups using our premises

Besides the Church groups using our premises like Scouts and Girl Guides, we also have many outside groups that regularly use our accommodation and facilities. Some of these groups are listed below:

Badminton group

Ballet and tap classes

Borough elections

Cardiac health advice

Dog and puppy handling classes

Gardening Club

Grandparents and toddler group

Medical support sessions

Mother and toddler music group

Pre-school playgroups

Self-defence group

Showers for the homeless

Soup kitchen

Table tennis group

Taekwando class

TV film crews

Yoga group

For more information on any of these groups, please contact the Bookings Secretary.  

THE CHURCH  (£80 per hour)

When the church is hired, the Centenary Room is included in the price. The Church holds around 450 people comfortably, and has a three-sided balcony. Use of the organ is included, providing it is to be played either by our own, or an approved, organist. The Church also has a piano, a retractable screen, and a Sound Desk.

Room Plans.

The Church

The Church gallery

The Field