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Hanwell Methodist Church
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Planned Giving

It costs around £40,000 a year to maintain the building and fund the day to day work of our Church, including regular worship. We aim to raise £20,000 by letting halls for community activities but rely on voluntary giving from our local congregation to cover the other £20,000.

To help our finances run smoothly many people use weekly collection envelopes or give by monthly standing order through their bank. Not only does this help us plan our finances more easily but it allows us to generate even more money through tax recovery at no extra cost to you.

Gift Aid and Tax Recovery

If you are a tax-payer and give by one of the above methods, then it is possible for the Church to recover the tax you have paid on whatever you give. This is the Government's way of supporting the work of Churches and charities and it adds 28% to the value of whatever financial contribution you make. This year we should receive about £3,000 in tax refunds.

How to Give

Anything you give to Church funds counts for tax recovery provided you put it in an envelope so that it can be recorded. Spare envelopes are available at the back of the Church for occasional or extra amounts.

If your gift is for general Church funds and you are a member of our scheme then you only need to write your envelope number on it or place any extra amount in your weekly envelope. If your gift is for any other fund or you don't have an envelope number then please fill in a slip, also at the back of the Church, and enclose it in the envelope.

Our Gift Aid Secretary will contact all those who use our envelope scheme or standing orders at the end of each tax year to check that they still want the Church to recover the tax. All you have to do is confirm your agreement - it does not cost you anything and the Church stands to gain.

Click on the Gift Aid Form button if you would like a declaration form to complete stating that you are a taxpayer and authorising the Church to reclaim tax on your gifts.

Covenants and Gift Aid for our Church

Higher rate tax payers

The Gift Aid scheme provides the potential for significant increases in income for our Church at no cost to you.

If you are a higher rate tax payer then you could save on your tax payments because gift aid contributions provide you with a higher rate tax threshold before paying tax at the higher rate.

Who to contact

Please contact our Covenant/Gift Aid Secretary if you are interested in this scheme.

Clicking on the link above will download you a file in pdf format.  

You can read it with Adobe Reader which is free from Adobe.com.

Click on the button below if you need to download Adobe Reader in order to read pdf files.

Gift Aid means

if you give


our Church



One of our Church Stewards will be able to put you in contact with
our Covenant/Gift Aid Secretary.

Gift Aid Form.

Instructions to complete your Gift Aid form

  1. Click on the Gift Aid Form button on the left and select the Open option to download the file.
  2. Click the Print button on the toolbar in order to obtain a printed copy.
  3. Fill in the form and sign the declaration.
  4. Please hand the signed form to either: