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Hanwell Methodist Church
Composed and designed by Ray Garnett

Listed below is a selection of prayers, poems and thoughts submitted by members and friends of our congregation.

Church members are welcome to supply contributions to the web designer for possible publication on this page.

Prayers, Poems and

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Reflections page 2.
What is a Blessing

A blessing is something we ask God to give
Like joy and good health and a nice place to live.
It's someone to love us and a little help too,
When we have to do something not easy to do.
It can be a bright flower or a beautiful day,
At times it's an answer to a prayer that we say.
A blessing's a favour God grants from above,
It's a wonderful way that he shows us His LOVE.

Taken from Fred Wade's Book of Delights (2016)

I wonder why I talk so much.   I'm sure I'm quite a bore
And people back away from me as they queue to reach the door.
I know I'm nothing special and yet I have to say
“The weather's awful. How are you?   Have you had a busy day?”

I'll natter about anything and my listeners are quite fair
For they smile and seem quite interested as I'm coming up for air.
Yet I know they long to leave me as their hats and coats they don
And still there is more chatter - I just go on and on!

Some day friends will desert me as l'll bore them all to tears
And then I may be lonely as I face my ageing years.
So perhaps I need a loving cat who'll purr with some devotion
And be pleased to hear my monotones, devoid of great emotion.

Eileen M Pratt, October 2013

As I pass this point again and round again and round
Each passing bringing me into familiar territory;
So little distance for so much time and stepping,
It seems I am back where I began,
So little progress made.

Each time I pass this point in life so slow,
A little only learnt with each cycle.

Give me patience, Lord, to grow at your pace.
Help me to forget the shortening years,
Knowing that eternity and I am yours.

This poem was written by Mary Blackwell at a series of
garden retreats held at our Manse in July 2013.
Waiting  (A poem to the glory of God based on Acts 1:1-11)

Waiting, wondering, watchful,
Looking to the sky,
We couldn’t go where
He was going
And we sometimes wondered, why?

It wasn’t the time to go with Him
We’d got a job to do.
A life to live, a message to give
Send your spirit, help us through.

Expecting, anticipating, waiting,
Not knowing when’s the time.
But knowing
He’ll be with us
His bread and wine.

The message of His love and purpose
Is needing to be shared.
A job to do, a task or two.
A coming now declared.

Waiting, poised and ready,
Not knowing where or when,
But knowing and believing
He will come again.

The message that we have to share
It’s a taste of things to come.
To deliver, from our giver
Your will, will be done.

Waiting, wondering, watching
For when you’ll come again,
Looking, listening, longing,
for your power to reign.

Ray Garnett, June 2011
Christmas 2010

Families together, carols sweetly sung.
Clear and sunny weather, church bells loudly rung.
Laughter joy and happiness everywhere abound.
Children playing gaily, presents all around.
Turkey roasting gently, chestnuts on the fire.
Mince pies, wine and shortbread - of this we never tire.
But snow means there's no transport and families are apart.
There's thick ice on the windscreen and the car just will not start.
The turkey's still at Tesco's, the presents in the post.
The kids have all got swine flu and we'll have to dine on toast.
The ringing of the church bells bring torture to the ear
And marriages once loving, may soon break up I fear.

But what of baby Jesus -  the cause of all the fuss,
Reclining in a manger, born to comfort us?
Did He need beer and tinsel, a giant Christmas tree?
Pork or figgy pudding and crackers after tea?
So who cares if we're stranded on motorway so cold,
Far away from loved ones, the young, the sick, the old?
For it's Christmas every morning and Christ is ever near.
So forget your woes and celebrate.
Give thanks for He is here!

Eileen M Pratt, December 2010
March Winds

Blow away the cobwebs; clear my mind.
Fill my lungs; fix me in your purpose.
Give my heart wings that I may know joy in the morning.
Refresh my voice that I may sing your praise.

Contributed by one of our previous Ministers
Easter Holidays

Hot Cross buns and Easter eggs, Spring cleaning, gardening too.
Must go to the nursery to buy a plant or two.
Perhaps we'll visit Auntie Ann and if the day is sunny,
We'll travel to the seaside and spend our hard earned money.
We could decorate the bathroom and repair the second car,
And plan our Summer holiday. Will we go near or far?

But hark! Did I hear someone say that Christ was crucified?
Betrayed by one for money and by his friend denied?
They say he wore a crown of thorns upon his blessèd head
And a purple robe adorned him as a mocking notice said,
"King of the Jews" for all to see - such torture did he bear!
He died for us as in pain and grief he hung and suffered there.
And yet he rose triumphant as prophets once foretold,
That we might have eternal life - a treasure more than gold.
What love you've shown O giving Lord! Let us rejoice and sing.
And praise and honour you always, our Saviour and our King!

An Easter poem contributed by Eileen Pratt

Lord, give us courage to accept change.
Let us not hide beneath the comfortable cloak of the familiar routine of our lives but accept with joy and anticipation any alterations and new experiences that may lie ahead.
May we be comforted and reassured knowing that we are forever guided and loved by you.


Father, whenever you speak, you act in your own time.
Grant us a spirit of meekness and humility for your work.
For Jesus' sake, Amen.

Remember that as we go about our daily lives, God's Holy Spirit should be dwelling in us,
active, alive and at work.