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Hanwell Methodist Church
Composed and designed by Ray Garnett

Hanwell Methodist Church has access to:

Hymns and Psalms

Mission Praise

Singing the Faith

Sing to God

Songs of Fellowship - over 1100 songs
and hymns for worshipping churches.

We also have a limited number of Hymns and Psalms available in a braille edition as well as several music books for Hymns and Psalms, Singing the Faith and Songs of Fellowship.

Pew bibles are available in the New International Version including a few large print editions.

The Methodist Worship Book is available as the Church service book.

Pew bibles are already distributed throughout the Church for the congregation to make reference to. For Sunday services, the congregation normally receive a copy of Singing the Faith on entry to the Church. If preachers require other items to be distributed prior to a service, please advise the Steward on duty in advance of the service. It can be arranged for items to be projected onto the screen.

Other Resources

The Church also has wired in data projection facilities supported by a retractable electronic screen. These support the use of audio and video playback. Please check your copyright licensing clearance before presenting copyright material. Presentations such as PowerPoint shows can be controlled from the back of the Church by a helper or from the lectern at the front of the Church if the preacher wishes to control the presentation himself/herself.

It would be helpful if presentations were provided in advance of a service so that they can be pre-loaded and run through on a laptop PC beforehand so the operator is familiar with what is wanted in advance. If you wish to control your own presentation you may wish to bring your own netbook, laptop or iPad to plug into the system at the front of the Church. The socket at the lectern uses a VGA D-socket to link to the AV console and the data projector.


The Church lectern and pulpit have fixed microphones and a pin radio microphone is available for the preacher. A couple of other hand held radio microphones are also available for use in the Church as well as a few stand microphones.

To assist those who may have impaired hearing, the Church has an induction loop system installed for those who wear a hearing aid.

Service Books, Bibles and other Resources

Visiting Preachers

Visiting Preachers are normally contacted a few days in advance of their service by the First Steward who will be on duty at their service to ascertain hymn numbers and readings etc for the forthcoming worship.

The Steward will be happy to clarify any queries you may have and to arrange required readers etc.  If you require the use of CD, DVD playback facilities and/or a laptop computer, data projector and screen, flipcharts or overhead projectors, please advise the Steward in advance of the service.

Service Plan.

Hymn numbers and Bible reading pages for a service are usually
displayed at the front of the Church on the hymn display board.

About Sunday Services.