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Hanwell Methodist Church
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Hanwell Methodist Church's Wednesday Club meets about
once every month usually on the second Wednesday of the
month in the evening at 8:00pm. The group have a varied
programme each year which consists of musical evenings,
entertainment, social gatherings, demonstrations, talks and similar activities. Printed programmes are usually available at the back of the Church in the display stands.

All are welcome to attend any of the meetings. If you require further information then please contact one of our stewards.

The current year's programme of activities up to the summer break is published below. Most meetings start at 8:00pm and use our Centenary Room as the meeting venue. Tea, coffee and other refreshments are served at each meeting.  There is usually a small charge of about £1 to cover the cost.

Wednesday Club

Please note...

Some events such as a trip to the theatre or a barbeque may not be held in the Church or start at 8:00pm. Details of imminent events are usually also listed in the Church’s weekly newsletter and on our Diary page.

Do you have an interest?

The Wednesday Club are always looking for guest speakers and demonstrators to invite to their social events.  If you have an interest that you would like to talk about, then please get in contact with one of the members.  You can find names and contact details in the Club’s printed programme available on the back pew shelf in Church.

The Church Wednesday Club's programme of activities and events for 2020/21 has been put on hold because of the Covid pandemic.

Details of the next programme of events will be added once restrictions have been lifted and it is felt safe to resume the meetings.

Flower Arranging - one of
the topics covered at the
Wednesday Club

Calendar of Events 2020/2021

Details of events listed on the website are based on information supplied to the Webmaster.

Following the July event the group will be taking a break over the summer holiday season.